10 Unique & Novel Ways to Praise in your Classroom!

Greetings, brainy-friends!
         We all know what an important part the “celebration of learning” plays in our classrooms. It boosts self-esteem and creates a sense of community among our learners.
        In addition, in my research about brain-based teaching and learning, I’ve come to know-without a doubt- that the brain craves experiences which are new, novel, and fun. And who doesn’t like to have a little fun??
        So today I’ve got a special treat for you! Keeping in mind the novelty factor, I’d like to share an awesome blog post I stumbled upon that gives an entirely new meaning to the notion of “class spirit.”  J
       The website is called Sweet Sugar Blossoms, and the teacher-author is T.J. Rather than simply “applauding” her students’ achievements in the classroom, T.J. teaches her class a series of unique class cheers that are an absolute blast! And they certainly receive the brain-based “stamp of approval” for fun, fresh, unforgettable celebration in your classroom!
       The post you’ll want to visit is located here. What’s absolutely delightful is that T.J. not only posts the individual chants/cheers for her viewers, but she has also video-taped herself demonstrating each cheer for us to learn the correct movements as well. KUDOS from all the visual learners out there, T.J.
   T.J. has even included a free printable of her classroom cheers that you can download and display in your own room. 

       So pump up the celebration in your class this year with T.J.’s delightful tutorials on different ways to praise!
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  1. Thanks for making me sound so good! =)
    I appreciate you sharing the classroom love.


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